Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An unexpected happy turn of events!

It seems fitting on our anniversary that I share some happy news - we are pregnant with our third little Johnson! This was an unexpected turn of events, but we are thrilled with the news! All signs currently indicate a healthy little Johnson will join us in February! We've shared the news with immediate family and with our girls. The girls are excited and eager for the baby to come. Kenna asked me this morning if the baby was here yet. It may be a long time for her to wait until February!

I have learned throughout this process that it isn't about my plan and my timing, but about God's. We had said that if it was meant to be, it would happen. Apparently, the adoption was not part of a bigger plan. There is a piece of me that is sad that it didn't work out right now. However, we haven't closed this chapter of our life. Our current plan is to see what life is like with 3 children. If we can handle 4, and I think we could, we would like to come back later and adopt an older child. We have learned that there just aren't a lot of little ones that are up for adoption; the need is for families who will take an older child. We went into the adoption process because we wanted to help. It has become clear to us that the best way to help is to provide an older child a family and a home. So perhaps when the girls are teenagers themselves, we'll be able to re-open this chapter of our life and add yet another child to the Johnson clan.

We can't thank you enough for your encouragement and support throughout this process. We will continue to ask for prayers for children in foster care. They are special little people who need a family just like the rest of us.

Thanks again!